Austin ISD Performing Arts Center

The Austin ISD Performing Arts Center is a state of the art facility designed to enhance the arts for the Austin ISD community. A 1200 seat main auditorium, 250 seat Black Box Theatre, dance studio, kiln room, multi-purpose room and recording studio are all part of this culturally significant showpiece.

What we did

Our millwork can be seen throughout the entire inside of the auditorium, including all of the walls and the balconies, the lobby wall and monumental curved staircase that follows the curve of the lobby wall.

What we used

There are no straight walls in the entire auditorium which created a challenge we confidently accepted. This project used a combination of mostly walnut and maple which were all applied on a curve. The two-tiered balconies are made of curved walnut panels and the radius wall panels are maple with horizontal maple accent reveal bands. Faceted reflectors and coordinating bands of walnut at varying degrees of width worked together to create a fluid, visually appealing and cohesive unit. The lobby features 26,000′ of vertically oriented douglas fir on a 300′ long curved wall with a mimicked staircase.